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My Copyediting


As a copyeditor, I am here to help you with your finished product. It’s very easy for your own eyes to gloss over mistakes. I can catch all those pesky details you may have overlooked—errors, whether glaring or otherwise. Your writing is a reflection on you, the author. You’ve put in a lot of time and effort (and most likely a bit of blood, sweat, and tears) in creating your masterpiece. Let me help you make the best impression possible.


Yes, you can use the spell- and grammar-check features. However, these tools are not all they are cracked up to be. These programs do not necessarily catch “you’re” versus “your” or “too” instead of “to.” Do you enjoy scrutinizing every word, sentence, and paragraph for correctness and tone?


Well, I do. I accurately check several types of errors, including: punctuation, spelling, grammar, vocabulary, and English usage. I can help you with paragraph length and smooth transitions in between those paragraphs. I can also assist you with sentence structure, offering better word choices in some instances, providing more clarity.


I look for consistency in your document (including word usage, gender, number, verb tense, and tone). If accuracy is what you are aiming for, you've come to the right place.



Why Details Matter

Details matter to me because I want to help make your work shine. I strive to provide you with helpful and professional solutions. I have very high standards and truly want you to succeed and be proud of your final product. I am extremely thorough and detail oriented in my work. I am passionate about supplying finishing touches and helping writers turn “labors of love” into more polished and professional works of art. I promise to put my "all" into your manuscript, as I take great pride in a job well done.


I take a genuine and personal interest in my clients. In addition to being extremely efficient, conscientious, focused, and committed to doing the very best job for you, I promise to bring a sense of humor and positive attitude to the table. I’ve often been told that I’m quite good at giving an author another twist or idea when and if requested. I don't get involved in the content unless I feel it is necessary OR my help has been requested. So, even if I end up providing heavy editing for you (see Services), I promise to be respectful of your tone, style, and voice. I want to be your encouraging advisor. We’ll be working as a team, and the communication between us may be frequent or only occasional. It is important to me that this communication serves you. We both need to be on the same page! And, hey, we might even have a little fun along the way!

About Me


My name is Tracy Johnson and I’m the owner of Proof Your Point copyediting services. I’ve enjoyed a life-long love of reading. My earliest memories involve my parents taking me to the library to explore all the wonders there. Pre-dinner “games” consisted of Scrabble, Boggle, and even the Reader’s Digest Word Power challenges (as well as frequent history lessons on the English language!). So, it’s no accident that in my 30 years of managerial, executive assistant, and administrative experience, I’ve edited and proofread thousands of documents. Over the past several years, I have parlayed my extensive knowledge and expertise in the field of editing and proofreading into assisting authors with their books, articles, business materials, and websites. It is very gratifying for me to see a writer’s dream come true and to be a part of the writer’s journey.


Originally from California, in 2005, my husband, son, and I decided to take a big leap and move to Nashville, Tennessee. Soon after arriving, my husband, an accomplished guitar player, bought a used drum set for our son. He’s been refining his drumming skills ever since, and is now in a band. My musical prowess? Sitting at the piano I try to remember what I learned, well, a few years ago. I truly love music, but sometimes it is just easier to pick up a book! When I’m not editing or reading, I enjoy swimming, finding a spot in nature to relax, hanging out with my family or friends, and throwing the Frisbee to our black lab (over and over again!).




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