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I can either mark up your hard copy or utilize the Track Changes feature in Microsoft Word. This standard module allows you to either accept or reject the revisions I have made. You are able to accept all changes made, or decide to accept each one individually. This process is known as redlining. Queries (corrections, comments, and suggestions are shown in the right-hand margin of the page for your reference). If you would rather, I can mark up your hard copy. I accept documents in both Word .doc and .docx formats. If you are not familiar with Track Changes, here is a great video to get you up to speed:
Click Here.


Sometimes, after review of a manuscript, I find that the author is in need of some developmental editing, before the copyediting phase. Or, I may find that I might not be the most suitable editor for your needs. I may be able to refer you to an editor who can be of more assistance. A developmental editor can help with the “big picture” items, such as flushing out ideas and reorganizing or tightening up your manuscript. Here is a more detailed description of developmental editors: Click Here.


Sample Edits


If you would like, you can submit to me three to four pages of your manuscript and I will provide you with a complimentary sample edit. This way, you can see my style and I can get a feel for your work as well. 









I generally charge by the hour, and my rate is based upon industry standards (250 words per page, double-spaced, Times New Roman font, 12 pt., with one-inch margins). Pricing is contingent upon the level of copyediting required and requested turnaround time. Try not to wait until the last minute to have your document edited.


After reviewing your manuscript, I will provide you with a written estimate and agreement, which is good for 30 days. If additional services are required later on in the process, a revised quotation and job completion date will be negotiated. For most projects, I required a 50% advance deposit. The balance, after completion of the project, is due within 15 days. 


Payments can be made securely and easily using a credit card or PayPal. Or, you can mail me a personal check. Click on the button below to process your payment. Thank you.



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