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Why Choose Tracy?

Nothing is worse or more embarrassing than finished documents going out to your audience with typos, redundant language, incorrect punctuation, bad grammar, and lack of clarity.


With many years of experience I offer authors, publishers, and writers professional copyediting services, while maintaining their unique voice. Whether you’re simply looking for a second set of eyes or heavy substantive copyediting, I will help you deliver the best writing possible while ensuring that you preserve your reader's trust.

  • Light copyediting, which focuses primarily on certain mechanical issues such as typos, grammar, punctuation, capitalization, and more.

  • Medium copyediting, which includes light copyediting services with an additional focus on proposed rephrasing, word clarification, tone consistency, and more.

  • Heavy copyediting (substantive), which includes all of the above plus manuscript formatting, adding/removing tables, suggesting a more logical order, and more.

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Details matter to me because I want to help make your work shine. I strive to provide you with helpful and professional solutions. I have very high standards and truly want you to succeed and be proud of your final product.








"When an editor can make my job easier, it is greatly appreciated and never overlooked."


- Deborah E. Gordon, Executive Editor, First Edition Design Publishing, Sarasota, FL





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